Thank You For Giving
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Thank You!
I want to take this moment to Thank each and everyone of you, who has donated to the Pagan Prison Ministry program. Without you, the work I do would be 10 times more difficult. I appreciate that you care enough about making change through aiding the incarcerated to make change from within, which benefits our society and us as a group.

This page will be dedicated to the individuals that has donated to this program so that they may see how their donation was used and where it went.

I do a book loan program in many of the facilities and if you sent in books that I don't own, to insure that your donation gets the best result, I will add it to my book loan program, which is for the DOC systems only. If you have any objection to this, please let me know at the time you do your donation and will make sure it goes to a facility.

Thank you for your giving heart. May the change you are helping make, benefit you and yours in the future. Brightest Blessings!

Samuel Weiser Supports Prison Ministry, so please support them!
Also, Tom Canfield's personal site:
  Tom Canfield
Tom works for a publishing company and answered the Witches Voice Spring Cleaning call. Since that time, he has sent the WARD Prison Ministry Program over a 100 books!

These books have been distributed to Foothills Correctional Facility and Western Youth Facility. Darla also gave many books to Chaplain Canady, who is the Eastern Regional Zone Chaplaincy Director, who in returned distributed the books to Wake Correctional Facility, Lumberton Correctional Facility, Odom Correctional Facility, Pasquette Correctional Facility, Polk Youth Facility, Odom Correctional Facility and Pender Correctional Facility.

The books have been a great asset to the inmates and to the facility! The Chaplains have had their budgets cut tremendously and without donations they do not have the ability to maintain any type of a library for any religion.

Thank You Tom for all that you have done! Words cannot express the appreciation the inmates feel or the Chaplains for that matter!

The Witches' Voice
Wren of The Witches'Voice sent 3 boxes, which I got 2 of them today, 04/26/01! I already know where I am sending most of the material and thought I would share that with you and with Wren!

She sent 3 altar cloths and they will go to these facilities: Pender Correctional, Odom Correctional and Western Youth.

Wren sent 3 decks of tarot and they will be going to Western Youth, Foothills and Pender Correctional Facilities.

Wren sent 4 rattles and they will all go to Western Youth Facility.

The candles, bell, and talisman bag will go to Pender Correctional and to William Lee Roope at the faciltiy will receive the talisman bag.

The pentagram wreath will be given to Foothills Correctional for them to decorate their altar.

The cloth will be distributed to either make an altar cloth or talisman bags for the inmates or used to make their personal altar cloths.

Wren sent many books and they will be given to Chaplain Canady to distribute in the Eastern Region facilities to insure equal and proper sharing of the material.

The cd will be copied and sent to each facility that I have been able to provide a boom box at so that they can have Pagan music during their Sabbats and regular meetings.

Thank you Wren and we can't wait for the other box!

The Witches Voice

TN WARD: Michele Jones and Rose
We received a wonderful box of incense, candles, book marks, Pagan Music, books and several items from TN. We have distributed the book markers to the inmates. The incense has gone to Burgaw, Foothills and Western Youth and forgot to take the salt, but will next time I go. The music will be distributed to the facilities I go to and I will download on the computer to create more CD's for the other facilities. The candles will be distributed to some of the new facilities that has requested out assistance along with some of the books they sent, which the hardest part of going to a new facility is setting the altar up on a permanent level, which all of the items sent will be used for exactly that purpose. Thank you Michele and Rose! The notes you wrote to the inmates were very nice and appreciated!

The Fairy GodMother
Wren is truly the Prison Ministry GodMother! She has helped by doing a Spring Cleaning Call for Donations and she herself has donated to aide the inmates. She watches over us and takes good care of us! Thank You Wren!

Michele Jones our TN Director

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