Other People and Critters Involved In Pagan Prison Ministry
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Other People Who Are Involved In Pagan Prison Ministry
Volunteering within the walls, can take a great toll on the people who do it. They not only provide their time, energy, money, but also the family gives a great sacrifice. Without the people on this page, much of what I do, would be impossible and I greatly appreciate them, as well as the inmates we work with appreciates them.

Jeanette Cooper and Darla On Their Way To An ACDC Concert
This was my way to treat Jeni for her energy and efforts in helping accomplishing 8 Ostara Sabbats, which we split. She drove 332 miles one way, to one facility, which she was late arriving and was refused entry and the food, which we had cooked for 2 days spoiled on the return trip.

The facility she went to was Odom Correctional in Jackson, NC, and Chaplain Pittard is the most difficult of all the chaplains to work with and this is not the first time he has refused to allow a volunteer entry into his facility for being late, even though each and every time the volunteer has been late it has been traffic conditions, which are out of their control.

March 31, 2001, Charlotte, NC.

Scottie and Kundi
Kundi is Darla's 8 foot Burmese Python, who supplies all of the snake skins we donate to each facility for the altars to be used during each of the fertility Sabbats.

Most of the inmates when setting up the fertility altars, will do a blessing to Kundi for the gift he has shared with them.

Scottie is Jeanette's 8 year old boy, who is in love with reptiles!

Scootie, Paul, Kundi and Darla
Jeanette has 4 children and 2 are shown here working with Kundi to insure he stays healthy to provide the inmates his gifts.

SCottie, Paul and Kelly (not shown) live with Jeanette and Darla. Each of the children have become accustom to our prison ministry work, which keeps us both on the road alot of the time. Matter of fact, Tuesdays are our busiest days, and they always think something is wrong if either of us are home when they get home from school!

Their biggest complaint of our prison ministry is who we get to baby sit for them, and the food that is fed to them during that time! If they have been good that week (not tortured the sitter) we usually try to provide them with pizza either on Tuesday, but most definately on Friday!

These children are very aware of how important our work is, not only to us, but to the inmates and our society. They can carry on quite an extensive conversation regarding the benefits of their mother's work.

Dean Harris
Dean Harris was my administrative assistant for about 6 months and did a lot of work for WARD and still does to this day. He handles the majority of correspondence to inmates through out the United States that WARD receives. He has also went into Foothills Correctional Facility to teach his workshop Kitchen Witchery. Dean is also a gay Witch.

Dean was planning on going to Foothills on a regular basis to give me more time in other facilities. He applied to be a volunteer.

During the time the facility was performing their background check to authorize him as a volunteer, he was corresponding with an inmate that admired his courage and openness about his sexuality. The inmate asked him a personal question and did so in a low self esteem manner.

Due to Dean's sexuality and the language that some of the inmates use, he decided to continue with his openness and talk with them as they talk with him.

He responded with this statement, "I think you have a lot going for you. You are smart, intelligent, artistic and handsome. I am not saying this because I want to suck your c*ck, but because I believe in you as a person."

Granite, this is a strong statement, but this takes away the concept that Dean was hitting on the individual in a sexual manner and reflected the inmates language within the correspondence, who was also bi and had been abused within the walls because of their sexuality.

The facility reads all in coming and out going mail and when they read Dean's statement, it was sent to the Chaplain and his application was denied, due to his possible promotion of homosexuality within the facility, which it was doing the opposite.

Dean has been put on probation for one year from Foothills Correctional Facility due to this supposedly promotion of homosexuality. Dean has not decided if he will reapply at this time because he is gay and he feels that they will always view him as promoting homosexuality due to his own sexuality, which he has no control over or choice.

While Dean has not made up his mind on his in person volunteer status, he continues his work within prison ministry by writing workshops and most recently writing a work book on the Hearth Tradition for all Wiccans of any sexuality. He currently is taking a break from writing due to the extensive work book project he just completed, but he is planning to do a workshop for gay Wiccan inmates in the near future.

WARD investigated this possible discrimination and even though Darla has a close relationship with Chaplain Turbeville and heard the words on the phone, she was unable to receive anything in writing to confirm the verbal statements to date for Dean or for WARD. Due to the difficult position this could put Darla in regarding her work with the inmates and Dean's decision to take the inmates well being into consideration, this problem is quietly waiting for the next go around.

Baby is a Blue Fronted Amazon that is 6 years old. She gives the gifts of some beautiful feathers that are usually used to represent the Element of Air for the altars within the walls. When the Chaplains permit and the inmates request, Baby will provide them with a beautiful feather to go within their talisman bags.
The Birds
This is a picture of the main 3 birds that contribute to the prison altars and talisman bags of the inmates.

The Nanday Conure, Talesian passed on in April 2001, but before passing we harvested his most beautiful feathers he had to offer as his last gift to us all. These feathers will go out sparingly, considering she was my baby for 9 nine years and I received her at a time when she needed someone to be good to her.

She rode home in a shoe box in August of 1992 on the back of a 1974 Sportster in Fairbanks, Alaska, inside my leather jacket. She was picked up from a cocaine addict who was feeding her smaller birds to the larger birds and she was lunch the day I rescued her.

She will be missed and loved greatly and I look forward to sharing my life with her in her next life.

Little One is the African Gray parrot and his beautiful red tail feathers often adorn the altars in fall. He is 4 years old and has a large vocabulary. His feathers are very appropriate to share with the inmates because he has an attitude and a half at times and is extremely hard headed!

Steven Stone
Steven Stone has been working at Wake Correctional Facility, in Raleigh. NC, for over a year. He is working on writing up a history of his activities within prison ministry to be listed here in his own words. I will update this statement when I get it and believe you will find him to be as interesting as a person as I have! He has also come to Foothills Correctional to do a workshop on High Magick for the inmates there and did a wonderful job!

Prison Ministry
By Steve Stone

When I first entered a prison as a minister, I had to wonder what kind of lunacy made a claustrophobic scared little man enter a small locked area with dangerous criminals. When I saw the looks on the prisoners faces as I walked in, I felt like an outsider in a small town.

But the look on the face of the person I had come to see made it all worthwhile. Here was a man who had been locked away with no hope of contact with other Wiccans, no hope of worshipping like he wished, and no hope of being able to talk to anyone at all about religion.

It is never about the prison, the minister, or the effort. It's all about keeping Wicca available for those that need it and want it. Most of us know what it is like to worship differently than everyone else, imagine how hard it is to be locked up in an environment that openly hostile to your beliefs.


Growing From The Love Of Others