NC DOC State Guidelines For Volunteers
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NC DOC State Guidelines For Volunteers
These pages were scanned and as soon as we have the time to go back and hand type them into a format loadable upon these pages, we will change the format of this section of the site. So please be patient with us as we not only work on NC, but the many other states we have information to upload and share with you.

When reviewing this information it is important to know that each facility will have different guidelines for their volunteers. This is the result of the different types of facilities, such as minimum, medium and maximum custody. Here in NC, each Superintendent has the final say over his facility, except when it comes to policy, which is written in Raleigh. The guidelines for the Wiccan practices allowed within each facility is policy, but the training for the volunteers is not policy.

Why Should One Become Involved In Correctional Volunteer Services?
While, I realize this is small, it will be more readable if you print this out and read over it.

Volunteer Opportunities and Who May Volunteer
This page tells of the opportunities of volunteerism within NCDOC and the requirements to become a volunteer within NCDOC.
Guidelines For Volunteers
This page explains what is expected of you as a volunteer and understanding your role within the NC DOC structure.
How Does A Volunteer Actually Help An Inmate
This page deals with the relationship between volunteers and inmates. This is probably the most important page a new volunteer should read, know, understand and be willing to live by within the walls.
Basic Communication Skills and Advising the Inmate
This page discusses your listening skills, when to offer advice and the concept of appropriate language.
Approved Wiccan Practices
General Information about the Wiccan faith that is allowed within NCDOC. Wiccan basic beliefs and the leadership structure.
Role of Ministers, Dietary Restrictions, Medical Treatment,Funeral & Burial Requirements and Basic Beliefs
This page contains the basic information on all of the above captions. Keep in mind this material is given to each Chaplain, Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendent of each facility to educate them and to prepare them for the needs of the Wiccan inmate on a basic Constitutional Right of the inmate.
Approved Wiccan Religious Property
This was a difficult list to create due to security issues and concerns. Since I have been researching other states and have seen that they have had no breach of security, I will be going back to NC DOC to attempt to get this list expanded. Once again, this list is policy at this time, but each facility can make exceptions with prior written approval from Raleigh and according to security issues, but this is the bare basic minimum allowed by each facility.
Approved Practices
This is a listing of the Sabbats and an explanation of the 13 Esbats celebration.

Building Bridges of Understanding, To Promote Tolerance For and Of Wiccan Inmates Within NC DOC