Inmate Photo Page 3
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Inmate Photo Page
This page is dedicated to the inmates I visit with or correspond with. To have your picture on this site, you may send it to ; 44 Walnut Street, Great Falls, SC 29055 and please include a written permission slip authorizing me to upload and display your picutre. This is not a site to find lovers!

William Lee Roope Casting The Beltane Circle
P.O. Box 1058, Burgaw, NC 28425. William is a Beltane initiate, but have been working with him since 9/99. William is very interested in metaphysical concepts and ancient philosophy. He is of the Germanic heritage, but is currently studying the Celtic aspect of the Craft. He is a great artist and works well with his hands.
William and the Pender Correctional Altar
William, who has casted Circle for the first time in almost a year, set up his altar almost perfectly and would have been if I hadn't forgotten the altar cloth!
William Making A Mess With His Feast
William fasted for three days and was loopy from this experience. Due to this fact, he knocks his Green Man Salad on his pants and is having a good laugh about it.
This is one of my favorite images
William and Darla after William's initiation. I don't know how she got blue feet considering she was in white sandals!

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust